An exciting
journey awaits.

There is much positive change on the horizon here at Ladybridge. This temporary site gives you a flavour of our new direction and what our future website will look like.

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Welcome to a new look Ladybridge High School

This is the start of my second term as Headteacher at Ladybridge and I am extremely proud to lead this wonderfully diverse and distinctive school.

The mission of Ladybridge High School is to ensure all of our learners develop the knowledge, sense of direction and moral purpose to thrive in the future.

The success learners experience at Ladybridge will instil the self-belief and resilience required to overcome challenges in life. Our young people will leave Ladybridge as good citizens who are ready to make a positive contribution to their communities.

Patrick Russell

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The Ladybridge



Through clear explanations, responsive teaching and spaced retrieval practice our learners develop powerful knowledge.



Real world experiences, debates and reflection help our learners to form their own ideas about the world.



Through engaging in public performances, presentations and extended writing our learners develop a broad range of qualities that help them to thrive in the future.

Teacher Led

Teacher Expertise

Learner Led

Learner Empowered

A bold, dignified identity to lead with purpose.

Our new branding will embrace the long-established origins of the existing logo. The aim is to focus on the heritage and characteristics of the lion. It evokes leadership, strength, and supported by the new crest, will reinforce this message and also offer dignity, support and protection. We have adopted modern design principles to create a contemporary logomark that will carry a powerful message and demand respect.

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A new refurb is on its way.

We are currently undergoing building refurbishment and a building extension. The extension will allow us to accommodate more learners to meet the rising demand from families who wish to send their children to Ladybridge. The refurbishment will enable us to provide first-rate facilities across all subject areas and will add to an already distinctive and impressive school site that includes a farm, leisure centre and swimming pool.